Core Faculty

Frederick Aldama
Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
236 Hagerty Hall
Katra Byram
Assistant Professor of German Language and Literature
Angus Fletcher
Professor of English
166 Denney Hall
Jared Gardner
Professor of English
530 Denney Hall
Sarah Iles Johnston
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Religion
424 University Hall
Brian McHale
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
562 Denney Hall
Sean O'Sullivan
Associate Professor of English
557 Denney Hall
Amy Shuman
Professor of English
566 Denney Hall
Robyn Warhol
Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
405 Denney Hall
Julia Watson
Professor of Comparative Studies
Karen A. Winstead
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
532 Denney Hall


James Phelan
Distinguished University Professor of English
452 Denney Hall

Faculty Affiliates

David Adams
Associate Professor of English, Lima
470D Galvin Hall
Adeleke Adeeko
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
570 Denney Hall
Chadwick Allen
Associate Professor of English
460 Denney Hall
Josef Benson
English Department Senior Lecturer
David Bloome
EHE Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning
Matthew Bolton
Assistant Professor of English, Concordia College
Kevin Cordi
Columbus Area Writing Project Co-Director, OSU, and Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Ohio Dominican University
Irene Delic
Professor of Slavic and East European Literature
400 Hagerty Hall
Scott L. DeWitt
Associate Professor of English
338A Denney Hall
Micha Elsner
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
219 Oxley Hall
Patricia Enciso
Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning
242 Arps
Daniel Farrell
Professor of Philosophy
322 University Hall
Richard Fletcher
Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin
441 University Hall
Amanpal Garcha
Associate Professor of English
535 Denney Hall
Esther E. Gottlieb
Special Advisor for International Affairs and Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education
330 Oxley Hall 
Fritz Graf
Distinguished University Professor of Greek and Latin
414K University Hall
Harvey J. Graff
Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of English and History
546 Denney Hall
Javier Gutierrez-Rexach
Professor of of Spanish and Portuguese
248 Hagerty Hall
Bruce Heiden
Professor of Greek and Latin
414C University Hall
John Hellmann
Professor of English
402E Galvin Hall
Michelle Herman
Professor of English
165 Denney Hall
Wendy Hesford
Professor of English
518 Denney Hall
Eugene W. Holland
Professor of French and Italian
442 Hagerty Hall
Nan Johnson
Professor of English
457 Denney Hall
Norman W. Jones
Dean of Mansfield Campus and Professor of English
206C Riedl Hall
Merrill Kaplan
Assistant Professor of English
464 Denney Hall
Stephen Kern
Humanities Distinguished Professor of History
242 Dulles Hall
Ethan Knapp
Associate Professor of English
472 Denney Hall
Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick
Associate Professor of Communication
3036 Derby Hall 
Valerie Lee
Professor of English
378 Bricker Hall
Bernhard Malkmus
Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures
481 Hagerty Hall
Elizabeth Marsch
Lecturer, Comparative Studies
Lee Martin
Professor of English
168 Denney Hall
Erin McGraw
Professor of English
160 Denney Hall
Gail McKoon
Professor of Psychology
291A Psychology Building 
Gabriella Modan
Associate Professor of English
519 Denney Hall
Martin Joseph Ponce
Associate Professor of English
545 Denney Hall
Joy Reilly
Associate Professor of Theatre
1103 Drake Center
Cathy Ryan
Lecturer, Department of English
547 Denney Hall
Richard Samuels
Professor of Philosophy
314H University Hall
Jesse Schotter
Assistant Profesor of English
Timothy Schroeder
Associate Professor of Philosophy
337H University Hall
Cynthia L. Selfe
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
365 Denney Hall
Peter M. Shane
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law
Drinko 467
Maurice E. Stevens
Associate Professor of Comparative Studies
426 Hagerty Hall
Adam Stier
Assistant Professor of English, Lake Erie College
Mary E. Thomas
Assistant Professor of Geography
1036 Derby Hall
H. Lewis Ulman
Associate Professor of English
353 Denney Hall
Laura Wagner
Assistant Professor of Psychology
241 Psychology Building
Elizabeth Weiser
Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Composition & Literacy, Newark
244 Warner Library and Student Center
Jennifer Willging
Associate Professor of French
226 Hagerty Hall

Visiting Scholars

Merja Polvinen
Project Narrative Visiting Scholar
PhD, University of Melbourne
573 Denney Hall