Sarah Iles Johnston

Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of Religion and Professor of Classics
Faculty Affiliates

I am working on a book on myth that uses contemporary work on serial narratives to better understand the reasons that the Greek myths took the narrative forms that they did, and why they were often narrated as part of religious rituals. In particular, I am interested in the plurimedial nature of most of the important characters in myth and how this contributed to the development of them as independently dynamic; how myths built credible story-worlds and in turn how those story worlds supported the independent dynamics of the characters; and how these traits, and others that can be illuminated through approaches developed by scholars of serial narratives, can help us understand the ways in which the audiences of myths developed strong parasocial interactions with characters in myths that in turn sustained their worship.

Areas of Expertise
  • Religion and Myth (especially of the early Mediterranean)
  • PhD, 1987, Cornell University

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