Research Networks


Project Narrative: It's All About the Story


Institutional Partners

Belgium: LMI Literature and Media Innovation, Universities of Leuven, Brussels, Liège, and Louvain

Canada: Figura, University of Québec at Montreal

Denmark: Centre for Fictionality Studies, Aarhus University

Germany: Popular Seriality - Aesthetics and Practice, Freie Universität Berlin

China: School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Research Collaborations

USA: Brain and Creativity Institute, University of Southern California

Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania

Graduate School of Education, University of California

China: Peking University

UK: University of Birmingham


Government and Non-Profit Consulting

State of Ohio

2nd and 7


Corporate Consulting

Disney / Pixar



Training Educators and High-School Students beyond OSU

Project Narrative Summer Institute

Humanities and Cognitive Sciences High School Summer Institute

Project Narrative Visiting Scholars