Robyn Warhol

Narrative Theory Unbound: Queer and Feminist Interventions, the anthology based on the Project Narrative Symposium on Queer and Feminist Narratologies held at OSU in May 2011, is now in press. Co-edited by Robyn Warhol and Susan S. Lanser (of Brandeis University), the collection will come out from the Theory and Interpretation of Narrative series at Ohio State University Press in May 2015. It lays out the present and future of feminist and queer narrative theories and contains new essays from sixteen scholars whose work has influenced and been influenced by queer and/or feminist narratology. The contents include essays by Warhol and Lanser as well as Alison Booth, Hillary Chute, Susan Fraiman, Susan Stanford Friedman, Suzanne Keen, Sue J. Kim, Jesse Matz, Wendy Moffat, Paul Morrison, Peggy Phelan, Valerie Rohy, Judith Roof, and Kay Young. Also included are responses by Claudia Breger, Shalyn Claggett, Abby Coykendall, Ellen Peel, and Joe Ponce.

Each of the scholars in the volume began with the questions, “What is feminist and/or queer about my work in narrative theory? What in my work within queer/feminist studies is guided by theories of narrative?” The results map out new directions for feminist and queer narratologies including intersectionality, animal studies, systems theory, graphic memoir, digital media, and global perspectives on religion, as well as new feminist/queer ways of thinking about topics that have long interested narrative theorists, such as life writing, temporality, and television studies. Twenty-five years after the inception of feminist narratology, the collection represents the continuing usefulness of narrative theory to projects in gender and sexuality studies, as well as the ongoing contributions of feminist/queer narratology to the field of narrative theory.