Esther E. Gottlieb

Special Advisor for International Affairs and Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education
Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Gottlieb joined OSU Office of International Affairs in 2002 her teaching and research interests are education reform, internationalization planning, and implementation, the construction of practical discourses, and analysis of reports and polices. Among her publications are Identity Conflicts: Can Violence be Regulated? (Edited with J. Craig Jenkins); Education and Social Change in Korea, with Don Adams; “Making Education World-Class: ‘ThinkGlobalOhio’” in Prospects; “Are We Postmodern Yet? Historical and Theoretical Explorations in Comparative Education" in International Companion to Education;  "Appalachian Self-Fashioning: Regional identities and cultural models" in Discourse; “Global Rhetoric, Local Policy: Teacher Training Reform in Israeli Education” Educational Policy; and “The Discursive Construction of Knowledge: The Case of Radical Education Discourse,” in Quantitative Studies in Education.

Areas of Expertise
  • Curriculum Assessment and Reform
  • Internationalization of the Learning Experience
  • World-Class Education
  • Higher Education
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • MA, Case Western Reserve University

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