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Faculty Affiliates

Associate Professor of English, Lima
470D Galvin Hall
Humanities Distinguished Professor of English
570 Denney Hall
Associate Professor of English
338A Denney Hall
Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning
242 Arps
Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin
441 University Hall
Associate Professor of English
535 Denney Hall
Special Advisor for International Affairs and Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education
330 Oxley Hall 
Distinguished University Professor of Greek and Latin
414K University Hall
Professor of Greek and Latin
414C University Hall
Professor of English
402E Galvin Hall
Professor of English
165 Denney Hall
Professor of English
518 Denney Hall
Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education and Professor
Student Academic Services Building
Assistant Professor of English
464 Denney Hall
Humanities Distinguished Professor of History
242 Dulles Hall
Associate Professor of English
472 Denney Hall
Associate Professor of Communication
3036 Derby Hall 
Professor of English
378 Bricker Hall
Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures
481 Hagerty Hall
Lecturer, Comparative Studies
Professor of English
168 Denney Hall
Professor of Psychology
291A Psychology Building 
Associate Professor of English
519 Denney Hall
Associate Professor of English
545 Denney Hall
Lecturer, Department of English
547 Denney Hall
Professor of Philosophy
314H University Hall
Assistant Profesor of English
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law
Drinko 467
Associate Professor of Comparative Studies
426 Hagerty Hall
Assistant Professor of Geography
1036 Derby Hall
Assistant Professor of Psychology
241 Psychology Building
Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Composition & Literacy, Newark
244 Warner Library and Student Center
Associate Professor of French
226 Hagerty Hall

Visiting Scholars