Emily K. Cody

MA/PhD Student, English
Graduate Students

Emily K. Cody studies English language and literature with an emphasis in nineteenth-century British literature and women’s studies. Although Cody technically identifies as a Victorianist, transatlanticism consistently informs her approach to scholarship. Within this framework she investigates British and American female authors and the ways they negotiate varying gender issues. Her current research engages the burgeoning field of animal studies and its potential to foster new understandings of nineteenth-century women. More specific interests include the life and works of Elizabeth Gaskell and nineteenth-century depictions of witches, witchcraft, and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Her research also intersects with facets of narrative theory – especially feminist narrative theory, theories of narrative space, and the appropriation of animals in narrative forms. Her chapter "Domestic Disturbances: Spatial Momentum and Social Innovation in Mary Barton" will appear in Place, Progress, and Personhood in the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell: An Edited Collection as part of Gaskell Project 2015.

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