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Project Narrative (PN) is a cluster of faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students who work on narrative and narrative theory. With ten core faculty and over forty affiliated faculty from across the humanities and social sciences at OSU, we offer an extensive community of narrative scholars unparalleled anywhere else in the United States and the world.

Project Narrative aims to promote state-of-the art research and teaching in the field of narrative studies. Drawing on ideas from multiple disciplines, the Project focuses on narrative in all of its guises: 

Project Narrative core faculty have expertise in:

  • the science of story
  • human rights and narrative
  • narrative and ethics
  • race, gender, sexuality, nationality and narrative
  • disability and narrative
  • comics and graphic narrative
  • television narrative
  • film narrative
  • narrative and medicine
  • everyday narratives
  • narrative and postmodernism
  • lifewriting and narrative
  • narrative in fiction, poetry, and drama

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Professor of English

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Professor of English

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Distinguished University Professor of English

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Assistant Professor of Geography